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Quentin Tasset / Captain Mystery ([personal profile] quen) wrote2015-01-09 12:17 pm

Thursday - Kidnapping Again

Every Monday, the writers hand him this week's script. Quen comes up with some of the topics, Albee pitches others. The writers turn their ideas into a cohesive program, week after week.

There's five days in which to learn his lines, amid filming the parts that aren't broadcast live - the stunt scenes. Battling monsters, jumping out of buildings, leaping into getaway cars.

Captain Mystery has a very mysterious and danger-filled life, and documenting that life is part of Quen's weekly routine.

It's getting harder to find time to be Quen. Quen, unlike his alter ego, leads a quiet life. He has dinner with his grandmother, talks quietly with friends, reads a good book.

Now that the town is in danger, and Captain Mystery's exploits have gone from the small screen to real life bad guy fighting - he's got even less time to be himself. Sometimes he wonders if Captain Mystery will swallow the life of Quentin Tasset all together.

And really, would it be a bad thing? The world needs heroes way more than it needs small town men with big town secrets.

Stay Mysterious.